Who we are and what we do

Association Fundraising ConsultantsAssociations are a powerful force in today’s professional world. They drive development and innovation across countless industries and fields. Your members expect you to have an impact. ADS partners with you to garner the resources to enable that impact. You have big ideas – ADS executives understand the unique landscape of association fundraising. We serve more association clients each year than anyone, and we know how to connect your vision to the needs of your prospects.

Why Choose ADS?

Your association is unique, and a “one size fits all” approach to fundraising will inevitably fall short. Utilizing unmatched experience in helping organizations reach unprecedented levels of funding, ADS takes the time to understand your challenges and needs. Then, we can build an actionable plan to bring your ideas to life.
Your most talented people are busy making your organization better. Fundraising efforts are often “extra” and can easily fall by the wayside. Whether we’re assisting with organizational activities, or managing your development function, ADS integrates seamlessly with internal staff and external leadership to eliminate common operational interruptions.
Your leaders have big ideas for the future. We bring a process that will drive support to put those ideas into action. ADS planning and hands-on fundraising management services focus on creating value for your member and external stakeholders, facilitating support that will sustain your organization for years to come.
ADS is honored to partner with leading medical, trade, and professional organizations. Associations have remarkable visions for the future, and we take pride in our track record of working with our clients to create unprecedented support – even on a global scale. For a glimpse into the impact that ADS clients are creating in their fields and around the world, visit our ‘Experience’ page, or ‘Contact‘ us to speak with an ADS executive.

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