Finding the “perfect” window of opportunity to initiate a fundraising program can leave an organization in an indefinite holding pattern, and therefore farther away from realizing its mission. Quite simply, if your organization can benefit from additional sources of revenue, then now is the time to determine the type of fundraising program you’re ready to implement.
Organizing, planning, and launching a successful fundraising campaign requires a thorough understanding of your constituents’ readiness to assist, lead, and give to your potential campaign. The most fruitful campaigns are informed by a thorough analysis of these key components through due-diligence prior to fundraising execution.
An experienced fundraising firm will provide an objective assessment, based on years of association fundraising experience, of your current fundraising programs and opportunities for future growth, such as: enhanced annual appeals, special events, member giving programs, planned giving, or even a major fund raising campaign. Those assessments can be enhanced by a thorough external study of donor readiness to give in the form of a Planning & Feasibility Study.
Fundraising professionals abiding by the ethics and standards set forth by the Association of Fundraising Professionals will not charge a percentage of the monies your organization secures. Instead, you can expect to negotiate terms based on the level, or extent of services you require, and the number of months for which your program requires to be successful.