“ADS was instrumental in assisting us pursue this goal…”

“As the Forum entered its 100th year, revitalizing the Foundation was a top priority. ADS was instrumental in assisting us pursue this goal by evaluating our strategies for growth and defining a path for our Foundation’s future. What we learned will help us provide greater value to both our association members and the greater association community.”

Michelle Mason, President & CEO, Association Forum of Chicagoland

“The experience and expertise ADS brought was critical…”

“We have a very complex organization with many moving parts. The experience and expertise ADS brought was critical as we assessed the structure of our organization, fundraising strategies, and the relationship between our society and related foundations.”

Paul Pomerantz, Chief Executive Officer, American Society of Anesthesiologists


“We chose ADS because of their experience and insights…”

“The American College of Surgeons Foundation reached a point in its Board capacity-building where we needed objective, actionable counsel. We chose ADS because their experience and insights resonated with our institutional leadership. After the first phase of our engagement, we clearly made the right choice.”

Martin Wojcik, Executive Director, ACS

“15 years…together raising nearly $20 million”

“We have worked with ADS executives and consultants in various capacities for the past 15 years, together raising nearly $20 million to fund education and research for our industry. Their team approach and broad experience has provided our organization with the support and counsel to continually secure significant investment, maintain recurring partnerships, and even begin to expand globally.”

Daphne Bryant, Executive Director, GBTA Foundation



“Helped us secure six- and seven-figure commitments”

“Even with corporations hemorrhaging and personal wealth in free-fall, ADS continues to help us secure six- and seven-figure corporate commitments as well as historic member pledges. If you are unsure where to turn, I encourage you to call ADS fundraising.”

Becky Maron, Executive Director, Society for Vascular Surgery

“Most successful campaign in the history of our organization”

“ADS helped the Society for Vascular Surgery’s Foundation have the most successful fund raising campaign in the history of our organization. Attention to detail, a good strategy and quality individuals were the keys to our success. Campaign material was targeted and professional. Management was understanding of our mission and goal which lead to an excellent working relationship. We give them our highest recommendation and gratitude.”

William H. Pearce, MD, Foundation Chairman, American Vascular Association



“Highly professional and highly effective”

“Having worked with ADS professionals over the past year, it is very easy to see the tremendous value they bring to an association looking to enhance their fundraising abilities. ADS is highly professional and highly effective. I would recommend ADS professionals to any organization with fundraising needs.”

Mike Cooke, Chairman, Exhibition Industry Foundation

“Enabled our campaign to greatly exceed expectations”

“When ACP leaders were deliberating the wisdom of a second capital campaign, the ADS feasibility study provided the insight and motivation we needed to move forward. Taking the recommendations from ADS enabled our Vision 2012 campaign to greatly exceed expectations.”

Nancy ‘Deal’ Chandler, Executive Director, American College of Prosthodontists


“Our development program is more cost effective and efficient than ever”

“The American College of Phlebology has used many of the services offered by ADS. The development audit they provided was extremely useful in the evaluation of internal and external leadership. As a result of the audit, our development program is more cost effective and efficient than ever. I highly recommend this service for any association in need of streamlining their fundraising efforts.”

Bruce Sanders, Executive Director, American College of Phlebology

“Secured six- and seven-figure commitments”

“Even though corporate marketing budgets are dwindling to a fraction of years past, and AHRA members are being more selective with their charitable giving, Association Development Solutions has helped our organization succeed. ADS has secured six- and seven-figure commitments from industry and has helped us generate unprecedented member pledges. If your organization seeks to establish itself as a leader in its marketplace, I highly recommend contacting Association Development Solutions.”

Ed Cronin, Chief Executive Officer, The Association for Medical Imaging Management



“They know how to elevate organizations”

“I highly recommend ADS to any association seeking to maximize their fundraising returns. Having worked in the association community for more than 20 years, I can tell you ADS not only understands the association culture, but they also know how to strategically elevate organizations to the next level.”

Dean A. West, President Association Laboratory